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Binda Botanicals and LJ Crete Group: Cementing a Partnership

In a significant stride towards mutual support and collaboration, Binda Botanicals has partnered with LJ Crete Group, marking a new chapter in Indigenous business cooperation. This partnership, celebrated during Indigenous Business Month, reflects a shared commitment to excellence, community, and cultural values.

LJ Crete Group, a full-service concrete company based in North Lakes, stands as a beacon of Indigenous entrepreneurship. As a 100% Indigenous-owned and Supply Nation registered enterprise, they exemplify expertise and quality in concrete and pouring services for various projects. Their comprehensive approach caters to both large-scale and small-scale needs, ensuring every project receives the highest standard of workmanship.

Binda Botanicals has been making waves with its Indigenous Sunscreen, a product that's not just effective but also imbued with cultural and environmental consciousness. Their sunscreen is specially formulated with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, ingredients known for their skin-nourishing properties. Vitamin C brightens and evens out skin tone, while Hyaluronic Acid provides deep hydration. The dual benefits of sun protection and skin restoration make it a unique and essential product. The Garri range from Binda Botanicals, with its clear tint, offers a blendable, creamy formula that not only shields the skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays but also ensures a hydrated, glowing complexion. This range stands out for its daily suitability, offering a perfect blend of skincare and sun protection.

The collaboration between Binda Botanicals and LJ Crete Group during Indigenous Business Month is a testament to the power of First Nations businesses supporting each other. It's a celebration of cultural heritage and modern entrepreneurship coming together to create a stronger, more resilient business community.

This partnership goes beyond mere business transactions; it's about creating a network of Indigenous enterprises that support and uplift each other. By joining forces, Binda Botanicals and LJ Crete Group are setting a precedent for future collaborations among Indigenous businesses, showcasing the strength and potential of the Indigenous business sector.

As Indigenous Business Month highlights the achievements and potential of Indigenous enterprises, the partnership between Binda Botanicals and LJ Crete Group stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when Indigenous businesses come together. It's a synergy of shared values, mutual respect, and a common goal of advancing Indigenous entrepreneurship.

As we celebrate Indigenous Business Month, let's acknowledge and support these trailblazers in Indigenous business. Their collaboration is not just a business success story; it's a narrative of cultural pride and communal advancement.

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