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Binda Botanicals and Kulbardi

In November 2023, an inspiring collaboration blossomed between two pioneering First Nations businesses: Binda Botanicals and Kulbardi. This partnership represents more than a business alliance; it's a fusion of shared values, cultural heritage, and a commitment to delivering quality and sustainability in every aspect of the workplace.

A Holistic Approach to Workplace Needs

Kulbardi, renowned as Australia’s largest Indigenous-owned holistic workplace supplier, has always been at the forefront of providing comprehensive solutions for workplaces. From essential stationery to janitorial products, corporate workwear, and even office furnishing, Kulbardi's range is as expansive as it is exceptional. Their commitment to delivering a worry-free experience is evident in every product and service they offer.

Binda Botanicals: A Name Synonymous with Quality and Care

Binda Botanicals, already a respected name for their Vegan Organic Sunscreens, brings to the table a product that's not just skin-friendly but also environmentally conscious. Their sunscreens are a testament to the company's dedication to organic, sustainable practices, and a deep respect for the environment.

A Shared Vision

This partnership is rooted in a shared vision of promoting and supporting Indigenous businesses, while also providing top-tier products and services. For Binda Botanicals, partnering with Kulbardi means their high-quality sunscreens can now reach more workplaces, ensuring the health and safety of workers across various industries. For Kulbardi, it's an expansion of their already diverse product range, aligning with their commitment to offering only the best to their clients.

Beyond Business: Cultural and Environmental Impact

What sets this collaboration apart is its cultural significance and environmental impact. Both businesses are not only contributing to the economy but also paving the way for greater recognition and support of Indigenous enterprises. They are role models in sustainable practices, proving that businesses can thrive while being ecologically responsible and culturally sensitive.

The Future of Workplace Wellbeing

With Binda Botanicals and Kulbardi joining forces, customers now have access to a one-stop shop for their workplace needs, including the essential aspect of sun protection. This partnership ensures that businesses can operate productively and cost-effectively, while also supporting Indigenous entrepreneurship and sustainability.

A Partnership to Celebrate and Emulate

As Binda Botanicals and Kulbardi continue to grow together, their journey is a beacon of inspiration for other Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses alike. It's a celebration of cultural strength, business excellence, and a shared commitment to making a positive impact on the community and the environment.

To order your Binda Botanicals Vegan Organic Sunscreen head to the Kulbardi website.

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