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Empowering Lives: Binda Botanicals, LJ Crete, and Yakka Training

In a heartening display of community engagement and social responsibility, Wade Krueger, the managing director of Binda Botanicals, together with Jason from LJ CRETE, and Joel Thompson from Yakka Training and Coaching, recently visited Substation33 in Kingston. This visit wasn't just a routine corporate outreach; it was a profound gesture of solidarity and support towards a noble cause.

Substation33: A Beacon of Hope and Opportunity

Substation33, a social enterprise, has been a ray of hope for individuals from long-term unemployment and marginalized backgrounds. Through their innovative programs, they offer people not just skills and training but, more importantly, the confidence to transition into sustainable employment. Their partnership with Containers for Change QLD in 2021 further amplifies their mission of environmental stewardship and community upliftment.

The Visit: A Fusion of Empathy and Action

The visit by these business leaders to Substation33 was a significant moment. It underscored their commitment to creating real-world impacts beyond the boundaries of their businesses. Wade Krueger's contribution of Binda Botanicals’ vegan, organic sunscreens to the Substation crew was a thoughtful act, aligning with their ethos of health, safety, and care for the environment.

A Future of Possibilities: Job Pathways and Support

Jason from LJ CRETE and Joel Thompson expressed their eagerness to offer job pathways to the individuals at Substation33. This commitment opens a world of possibilities for these individuals, offering them opportunities for full-time employment in diverse roles, from hands-on tool work to roles in the railways. The excitement and optimism among the Substation crew were palpable, as these opportunities represent not just jobs but a chance at a transformed life.

Binda Botanicals: More Than Just a Product

Binda Botanicals has always been more than a sunscreen provider. Their donation of products to Substation33 highlights their dedication to supporting local, non-profit organizations that make a significant difference in the community. By ensuring the wellbeing of the Substation crew, they are contributing to a larger cause of social and environmental responsibility.

Call to Action: Support and Sustainability

The story of Substation33 is one that deserves widespread recognition. They are not just about recycling electronics; they are about repurposing lives and futures. The call to action is clear: support Substation33, contribute to their mission, and ensure that pre-owned electronics are given a new lease on life, benefiting both people and the planet.

A Partnership That Inspires

The collaboration between Binda Botanicals, JL Crete, Yakka Training, and Substation33 serves as an inspiring example of how businesses can extend their impact beyond profit margins to genuinely contribute to societal and environmental wellbeing.

To learn more about Substation33 and how you can contribute, visit their website. Let’s all play a part in supporting initiatives that not only recycle and repurpose but also rejuvenate lives and communities.

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